Christian bookstores in Africa are full of books by western authors like John Maxwell, Joel Osteen, and Joyce Myers, but have very few books written by African authors or addressing the daily realities facing local believers. In fact, a recent study of African readers discovered a strong desire of those surveyed to read books by African Christians, however only 9.5% of those surveyed identified one as their favorite author.

“Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand.” 

–A Guinean proverb from the Africa Study Bible

Biblical truth that is not adapted to local contexts can fall on deaf ears, like water disappearing in the sand. Western marriage books, for example, don’t deal with issues such as dowries, polygamy, extended family expectations, or inter-tribal marriage. Because of this need, a Kenyan couple with years of marriage counselling experience is currently writing on this topic for Oasis.

Oasis believes that African Christians need contextualized resources for effective discipleship. We also believe that the global church needs to hear African perspectives.

Non-African Christians enthusiastically receive the Africa Study Bible, amazed to find fresh insights on familiar passages. In the body of Christ, each part needs the others. African authors can teach believers around the world something new about spiritual warfare, the false allure of the prosperity gospel, and God’s covenant with his people.


There is a reason we do not hear from African Christian authors. Many publishers are hesitant to work with authors without name recognition in a Western market, or don’t understand the significance of their message. As a result, African authors often lack access to professional editorial and design services. Some self-publish, but only manage to distribute their books at speaking engagements or to a few online readers within their country. Others are daunted by the solo effort and cost of self-publishing, and end up never printing their books.

That’s where Oasis comes in.



Hannah gives author Levina feedback on her first chapter.

“My passion for working with authors comes from growing up in East Africa as a missionary kid. I made a decision to follow Christ through a book about a Tanzanian boy encountering Jesus – exactly the kinds of books I now help create! I’ve seen the struggle to address African realities with ill-suited Western tools and the need for African Christians to share their wisdom.”

–Hannah Rasmussen, Acquisitons Editor, Oasis International

Oasis identifies authors through our network of Africa Study Bible contacts, recommendations, or Christian gatherings. While these authors are experts on their subjects, most are first-time book authors. Our Acquisitions Editor Hannah Rasmussen coaches them through the editorial process, developing their writing skills so they powerfully communicate their message. And unlike self-publishing, we don’t ask the author to pay us and once published, Oasis provides royalty income to each author. With your support, we help them develop, promote, and distribute their books across Africa and beyond.


In the last year, Oasis has approved seven book projects and is reviewing five more. These authors represent six African countries! Meet a few of them:



Dr. Chao Tsuma Wanje



Dr. Levina Musumba Mulandi



Rev. Dr. Ray Motsi








As our authors write their first chapters, Oasis is also writing the first chapter in our new-and-improved focus on book publishing to satisfy Africa’s thirst for God’s Word. But we can’t do it alone!


Each of these books cost thousands of dollars to develop and manufacture. With your help, Oasis can continue enabling authors to produce God-honoring literature.

Want to join Oasis in discipling Africa through relevant, contextualized books?