Dear aspiring author,

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Oasis International. We are excited to hear about your book and discern how we might work together.

Our mission is to create and distribute top-quality Christian literature relevant for pan-African contexts and to give the church in Africa a voice within and beyond the continent.

At this time, we are accepting ideas for non-fiction books that either:

  • give people a Christian perspective on how to deal with a life issue
  • explain how a concept from the Bible is relevant to our lives
  • help people with their personal devotional life
  • help the local pastor with their mission
  • disciple the Bible student or seminarian in biblical principles

We want to understand as much as possible about you and your idea, so we ask you to complete a book proposal form with a number of questions. Your goal is to convince our publishing team to publish your book idea and invest in you as an author. Only forms completed in their entirety will be reviewed. If approved, one of our editors will use your answers to advocate to our publishing committees on your behalf.

The completion of the form is not a guarantee of being published, but it is a requirement for us to review your work. You will need to set aside a few hours to complete the form, as it is meant to be a helpful tool to guide you through refining your book concept. Just do your best. Some questions need only a sentence, others may be a paragraph or two. Include any questions you may have as comments in the document and we will review them and respond as appropriate.

May God give you strength and wisdom to communicate the message he has entrusted to you.

Grace and peace,
The Oasis International Team


Click Here to download the Oasis Author Proposal Form. When complete, email the completed form to